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Work in person with internationally renowned vocal experts, consultants and authors Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher.
Let them help you discover new vocal techniques, new thinking about the way your voice works, and how get the best out of your singing and your performance
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The Performer's Retreat
The Performer's Retreat
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Singing and the Actor Training Retreat June 2014
Singing and the Actor Training Retreat June 2014
Your Price: 547.00
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We have given courses and workshops all over the world, in settings as far apart as the US, Australia, Israel and Sweden

We believe in the power of human potential, and we give you much more than just great singing technique. We give you a choice of learning tools for a deeper understanding of your voice and your brain. All our courses, workshops and Retreats include visuals, auditory cues, kinaesthetic examples and concepts for a complete learning experience

If you're a visual learner you get to see video demonstrations, diagrams and images with personal signposts to suit your profile and vocal colour palette.
If you're an auditory learner you get to hear every sound and technique we talk about demonstrated in male and female voice so you can listen and understand on a deeper level
If you're a kinaesthetic learner you get to experience everything and get a handle on it in your own voice and in your own body so you can absorb the skills on a deeper level
And if you're a concept person, we share the
overview, ideas, background and detail in a clear and concise way, so you can unpack everything in your own time

We have worked for years on communicating our vision, purpose and goals in a clear, straightforward way so that you can understand and take away everything the first time

And if you don't believe how much you will gain from our Retreats, click on the Singing and the Actor Training Retreat, scroll down and read about our year-long 100% money-back guarantee. That's a first on an in-person vocal training course!