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The Advanced Retreat 2017

The Advanced Retreat 2017

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Go deeper Inside The Singing Voice with
The ADVANCED Retreat

  Understanding 'Mixing', Dealing with Gear Changes,
Using Words, and the Bespoke Bit

On this Retreat we show you how things are interconnected. Discover your own default patterns in singing and speaking, and why they may be holding you back. This intensive training Retreat is designed for singers wanting greater vocal flexibility, control and confidence, for teachers wanting to understand how to help their students sing in different genres, and for choral trainers wanting more options for voice building and timbral options

Find out more about your own voice use 

We help you identify your own vocal patterns and show you how to improve them

Different genres, different sounds, same you

Discover the factors that allow you to change your sound with confidence

Learn how things change with range

A voice is NOT the same throughout the range. We show you how things change and what to do about it, including controlling gear changes and dealing with the tricky female 'middle' register

Word articulation - the missing factor in vocal problem solving

Every singer uses words, but did you know that many vocal problems are caused by the mishandling of vowels and consonants? We show you where and how words are created, and what to do when things go wrong

Does your breath pattern work for you?

Whether you need more breath to sing, or you end up with too much, breathing is the life-blood of vocalising. We show you how breathing needs to change - depending on the genre, pitch range, phrase length and rhythm pattern

There's a limit of NINE people on this intensive training

Bring your vocal challenges with you for personal, targeted solutions from Gillyanne and Jeremy

Testimonial: Loved the register work and getting around the piano listening to individuals and having Gillyanne and Jeremy's input.
AP, singing and movement teacher

Testimonial: Favourite thing on the course? The little golden nuggets of information that arose from the questions being asked during presentations!
EA, singing teacher

Testimonial: I enjoyed the group (dynamics and size) very much and also the opportunity you gave us to sort out “burning” issues in the masterclass and question sessions. Thank you also for your hospitality and looking after us in every way.  You make a wonderful team with your ever enquiring minds and knowledge.
LC, singing teacher

We only usually offer this Retreat once a year. You need to have completed Singing and the Actor Training or our new training programme Inside the Singing Voice: Vocal Technique Unpacked to be eligible to join us for the ADVANCED Retreat. We will also accept you if you have completed Estill Levels 1 and 2. If you’re not sure whether you qualify, send us an email straight away.

The ADVANCED Retreat takes place in our home in Presteigne on the Welsh border (see the picture to the right). Presteigne was recently voted one of the top ten The Advanced Training Retreat gardensmall towns for quality of life in the UK by the Daily Telegraph. Our tranquil garden has a river running through it, and our quiet house gives exactly the right atmosphere for concentrated learning and relaxation. We use local produce including organic food hand picked for us from the farm three miles away, delicious cheeses handmade in Herefordshire, nibbles from Deli Tinto (voted best Deli in Wales 2011), and stunning bread from local Artisan Baker Alex Gooch, voted Radio 4 Food and Farming Producer of the year.

The ADVANCED Retreat takes place on Friday 2nd June to Sunday 4th June 2017. We'll start at 4pm on the Friday, which gives you time to get to us, and we'll finish at 4.30 on the Sunday, which gives you time to get home. Your colleagues are already booking up, so if you want to improve your skills, add this Retreat to your cart before the places disappear.

To your success,

Jeremy Fisher and Gillyanne Kayes

Vocal Process

P.S. There are several hundred people who are eligible to take part - our last three ADVANCED Training Retreats sold out well before the event. Make sure you book your place now, or you could miss out

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