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Cold Custard Diva - a Bellini aria but not as we know it

Posted by Jeremy Fisher on 12/6/2013 to Teaching and performance thoughts
I woke up this morning with a cold. Had a hilarious time during my vocal warmup - normally my voice goes from around the D two octaves below middle C (D2) to the G above (G4) without any problem.

Today it was just a little lower than normal. Like a whole octave.

It seems that when you get this type of cold the vocal folds swell up and simply won't move as fast as normal. Not only had I gained a lower octave, my "break" had moved down from the Eb/E above middle C to the A below it.

Now I know that people just don't believe me when I say my voice drops when I have a cold. So I decided to record myself singing my favourite soprano aria, Casta Diva, from the opera Norma by Bellini.

I transposed it up a tone from the original F major into G major, just to get today's lowest note into the cadenza at the end.

Then I recorded it on the Edirol wav recorder (singing and playing at the same time) and added the music for some visual interest.

I guarantee that this is live and not run through any fancy computer wizardry. And yes, this really is what happens when I have a cold - and my speaking voice matches it!
Have a listen to the 3 minute video on the Vocal Process Youtube channel and let me know what you think? or search YouTube for Vocalprocess


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