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The Complete Voicebox Videos on DVD
The Complete Voicebox Videos on DVD

The Complete Voicebox Videos on DVD

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Discover what a voice really does inside

The Voicebox Videos have been featured on two BBC programmes - Leading Edge and Science in Action - broadcast to an estimated 44,000,000 people!

In 2006 voice expert and author Jeremy Fisher decided to make the UK's first downloadable endoscopy video ebook. The Science Museum in London loved the downloads so much they asked Jeremy to make one especially for them! Now the videos are being used in classrooms and vocal studios all over the world, and in voice departments such as Cambridge University.

This DVD contains all six Voicebox Video films in one package:

  1. Looking at a Voice was the UK's first downloadable endoscopy video ebook and acts as an introduction to viewing the larynx speaking and singing

  2. Modal to Falsetto 1 - Making the Change shows both endoscopic and stroboscopic film of a voice moving from a speech set to a falsetto set, complete with the "yodel-flip"

  3. Constriction and Release show voluntary opening and closing of the true and false vocal folds resulting in clear or constricted phonation (in singing and speaking)

  4. Modal to Falsetto 2 - Breathy Speech shows the differences between breathy speech and falsetto and the resulting movements of the arytenoid cartilages

  5. Raising and Lowering the Larynx shows how tuning and timbre change with the lengthening and shortening of the vocal tract - the film includes a pitch counter that remains constant despite changes of "intonation"

  6. Working the Soft Palate is filmed from inside the nose and shows the soft palate opening and closing from above. The film also demonstrates the differences between nasality and "twang"

See quality images of a healthy functioning voicebox and watch from the inside as professional voice users perform key vocal manoeuvres. The videos contain standard endoscopy and both nasal and oral stroboscopy producing, as the Singer magazine put it, "Stunning images".

Jeremy takes the viewer step by step through the parts of the larynx as viewed on screen. So even if you've never seen a larynx from the inside before, by the end of the DVD you will know exactly what you are looking at.

If you are a singer and are about to experience endoscopy for the first time, you can watch these films to see what happens and what to look out for in a voice clinic.
If you are training as a therapist, you can see clear images of a healthy larynx performing everyday tasks and specific exercises.
And as one specialist SLT in the UK said: "...very clearly presented, and I wish some of our ENT staff could get as clear a view".

Speech and Language Therapy In Practice magazine called the DVD "a revision source for an experienced speech and language therapist. The chapters show and train the technique and Bonus 2 (for the unsqueamish) shows Jeremy's true and false cords releasing and constricting. Each section is easily accessed therefore can be repeatedly watched to your heart's content."

Carry the DVD with you between home and studio, introduce your pupils to the visual complexity of a living larynx, share the DVD with your colleagues at the voice clinic, or get one to play to your choir members - it could improve their singing!

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