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Webinar 12 Understanding Head Voice
Webinar 12 Understanding Head Voice

Webinar 12 Understanding Head Voice

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Webinar 12 - Understanding Head Voice

When you read the voice literature, talk to singers and teachers, and search the internet, you realise that everyone has an opinion on head voice. And you also realise that people don't always agree on what it is, how it sounds and even whether people have one!
So in this Webinar we'll be debunking a few myths on head voice
"Excellent - clarified the physiological aspect of the two basic techniques I use and teach. It has given me a standardised terminology that I'm going to use from now on"
"I really like your openness and the way you cover different ways of describing the same thing"
"Reinforced the truth and debunked the myths about head voice"
We're going to show you
  • WHY there are confusions
  • WHAT causes the confusions
  • HOW we categorise the different sounds people call head voice (in male voice AND in female voice)

  • We'll explain the two main vocal fold vibrational patterns that singers use (and you can use either of them to produce a head voice)
  • We've got an extensive science moment where you can see animated models of different modes of vibration, and what causes them

  • We'll be sharing exercises to find the two vibrational patterns so you can experience how they sound and feel in your own voice
  • We'll also be demonstrating them ourselves, so you can hear them in both male and female voice
  • And we'll guide you through exercises on breath use in head voice

  • We'll be explaining why people think there are differences between male and female head voice
  • And we'll be sharing some thoughts on the female "middle register"

  • We'll be identifying vocal transitions, and how to deal with them
  • And we have a chart showing where the transitions happen (according to the pedagogues and voice scientists) and why they DON'T happen in those places for non-classical singers
"First time I am attending a webinar about the voice and I think you did a great job."
"This was also fun!"
Here's what you can discover:
  1. Why the confusion about head voice even exists (and boy, is there confusion - 59 different names for singing the same pitch range of a 10th?)

  2. The forgotten part of singing - why the actual movement of your vocal folds (and NOT the resonance you use) is the most important factor in identifying what head voice you are in. We show you what is happening inside your larynx in different set-ups (we've got animations and visuals giving you the exact vocal fold vibration for your choices of head voice). And we give you exercises and strategies to feel them, find them and use them

  3. Demonstrations of chest voice and two types of head voice from both Gillyanne and Jeremy, so you can hear exactly what we're talking about and then match it yourself - and we use examples of repertoire in Musical Theatre, Gospel and Classical music

  4. Breathing we focus on breathing and give advice on when to use certain types of breathing movement, and why in different head voices you might find alternative breathing patterns that work better for that particular sound

  5. Why even eminent teachers think that women have an extra vocal register - we explain why the classical teaching world has developed that myth and exactly what women are required to do when they go in "middle register"

  6. Transitions, those sticky bits between your vocal registers we show you where the overlap of different voice setups happens, in both male and female voice (and why they DON'T happen on those pitches for non-classical singers)

  7. And we give you five different phrase shapes that require careful transition handling. We show you the shapes and then we demonstrate them so you can hear exactly what we're talking about, and how (and where) we transition - and it's not always on the same note! We even sing you the same pitched phrases with and without transitioning so you can understand the concept of moveable transition points.
Your purchase price includes our extensive Handout of techniques, hints and tips, and full access to the streaming Webinar video. You can pause, rewind and repeat the online video as many times as you like for the perfect learning experience.

As soon as your Webinar order goes through, you’ll get an email with confirmation of your purchase. We'll send you the PDF Handout directly to your email inbox in a time-limited link. Make sure you download it to your hard drive straight away.

We had participants from 14 countries sign up to the live event (and you've seen the feedback they gave us at the beginning of this email). Add this Webinar to your cart now and find out what they're excited about!

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