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Webinar 2 How We Diagnose part 2: Vocal Technique
Webinar 2 How We Diagnose part 2: Vocal Technique

Webinar 2 How We Diagnose part 2: Vocal Technique

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STOP PRESS: Webinar 2 is now available in our new Vocal Process Learning Lounge. 15 years of CPD resources (including all our Webinars) available instantly for less than the price of one singing lesson 

Webinar 2: How We Diagnose - Part 2 (What the client DOES - the 8 categories of vocal technique we consider and why they work)

Voicing is a very complex balancing act between breath use, vocal fold activity and resonating shapes. In our second webinar on the secrets of vocal diagnosis we share the 8 categories of vocal technique we assess when we're listening for the first time to a voice

It all makes so much sense.  I am so thrilled with these webinars and I can't wait to attend the next one. Ruti, Israel

What we cover:

  • Pitching, including 4 stages of pitch matching

  • Range

  • Volume

  • Voicing

  • Breath and support

  • Effort

  • Resonance

  • Articulation

And so much more

Your purchase price includes our extensive Handout of techniques, hints and tips, and full access to the streaming Webinar video. You can pause, rewind and repeat the video as many times as you like for the perfect learning experience.

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Discover exactly what we're listening for when we meet a singer for the first time, and why our vocal technique 'hit rate' is so high that singers fly thousands of miles to work with us

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