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Joining the Dots - Art, Performance, Science & what singers need to learn

Joining the Dots - Art, Performance, Science & what singers need to learn

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Joining the Dots

A "Let's Talk" event from Vocal Process

Singing isn't just sound. 

Singers need a constellation of skills to sing successfully. Singing teachers have multiple roles, may teach several different genres, and will work in different settings across a single career. How do we join the dots? 

Gillyanne and Jeremy are well known for creating a safe space for teachers and coaches to learn and talk together. On this, our first "Let's Talk" public event, we're inviting you to join us in gaining practical tools and insights into getting the best out of your students.

"The best way to develop as a singer and singing teacher. They use their brains and their hearts" Örjan Gotensjö

"I can't even begin to tell you how the courses that you run have impacted on me professionally. I'm beginning to get opportunities handed to me that I simply would not have done even a year ago" Tanya Holt

"No egos, no arguments, just top quality training and encouragement" Jessa Liversidge

As a teacher you are working on a lot more than 'the voice'. You will need to

  • Assess the requirements & desires of the professional soloist, choral singer, group harmoniser or avocational singer
  • Develop your singer's vocal skills
  • Help your singer understand music (shapes, patterns, drama, key, harmony) and develop their musicality
  • Encourage your singer to use 'informed imagination' when they think about the words, setting and song's purpose
  • Have an awareness of how the whole body contributes to vocal performance
  • Help your singers discover their inner communicator and use it with confidence in performance
  • Be aware of genre requirements and 'style envelopes'
  • Have a vision of how to meld those skills into a performance context
On this "Joining the Dots" day:

Welcome and Introduction - Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher

Session 1 Practical techniques and insights from Gillyanne and Jeremy's work as collaborative trainers - how the singing technician and the performance coach work together to train and inform the singer 

Session 2 Case Studies. Imagine your student coming into the room with a new song - one you don't know. What are the first steps, the ongoing steps and how do you go about your job? We share our own process of assessing the needs of the singer in front of you, and the song they want to sing.

Session 3 Guest speaker Nicola Harrison introduces her new book "Anatomy With Imagination - a Singer's Guide To The Larynx" - co-written with Dr Alan Watson. Experience some of the imagery techniques that Nicola has developed over the last decade, including insights from research.


Session 4 What words do you use when you are teaching? Your own voice-body feeling words, in-house words from a method, imagery, language of vocal function, music language? We will talk about the words you and your students use, favourite 'jargon' words and what they might mean in a bigger context.

Session 5 Focus Groups. What singers need to learn - what are the priorities, what are the differences depending on genre, age, context? Groups will be moderated by experienced practitioners. The findings from this session will be published and all participants will receive a copy for their own use.

Final session A short panel discussion and summing up

Books and resources will be available from Compton Publishing and Vocal Process during the day.

Venue: The Umbrella Rooms, 241 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H 8EH

Date: Saturday 19th October 2019

Time: 10.30 - 16.30

Price: £130.00. 
Student rate (Full-time) £65.00*
*Please contact us for your student code

Add this course to your cart and come and be part of this conversation. Let's Talk!

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