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Lesson Plan: Exploring Legit Ballad Singing
Lesson Plan: Exploring Legit Ballad Singing

Lesson Plan: Exploring Legit Ballad Singing

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Lesson Plan: Exploring Legit Ballad Singing

Help your students explore controlled singing and legato line

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Legit ballads are a crucial component of many musicals, yet students can struggle to find and control the classic sounds required. This structured Lesson Plan, created by Vocal Process Accredited Teacher Craig Faulkner, takes you step by step through finding thinner vocal folds, appropriate breath flow and legato line for legit ballad singing.

This 60-90 minute Lesson Plan is available for immediate download, and includes the following topics:
  • Ideas for a 10-minute Warm up targeting the sounds and breath use
  • Understanding vowels and diphthongs and their use in legit ballads
  • Dealing with voiced and unvoiced consonants in different words
  • Accessing thinner vocal folds and a more controlled airflow
  • Discussion points on legato and breath use in ballad singing
  • Watchpoints
  • A homework Task
The Lesson Plan is aimed at group teaching, but would work equally well in a one-to-one singing lesson

Use this Lesson Plan together with Jeremy's ebook How To Sing Legato (Amazon no 1 bestseller) for a comprehensive guide to teaching legato line.

Each Lesson Plan contains:

Aims - so you can see where the lesson can fit into your curriculum
Duration - how long the lesson will last (you can extend or shorten it to suit your group or individual)
Resources - what you need for the best lesson experience
Learning Objectives - the themes and targets for each singing class
Differentiated Learning Outcomes - what each singing student can expect to learn by the end of the class, divided into three categories: All students, Most students, Some students
Red Boxes - Red boxes contain Useful Facts, Jargon Busters and Watchpoints to support you through each lesson plan and help you problem-solve

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