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Lesson Plan: Taking Text Into Song
Lesson Plan: Taking Text Into Song

Lesson Plan: Taking Text Into Song

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Lesson Plan: Taking Text Into Song

A structured lesson plan especially for actors who are singing-shy

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Many actors have great speaking voices but are afraid of singing because they cannot read the 'musical text'. This lesson will have your actors queuing up for their singing technique lessons, rather than avoiding them!

Actor and singing teacher Pamela Hall moves step-by-step through practical ways to experience the differences and similarities between spoken and sung text.
This Lesson Plan uses an actor's love of engaging with words to take them further into engaging with the music, in a way that will make perfect sense to them as theatre performers.

This 90-120 minute Lesson Plan includes the following topics:
  • Lesson Overview - getting started
  • Playing with the text - reading, physicalising and presentation
  • Vocal Warmup suggestions
  • Moving from spoken to sung text - differences and similarities
  • Acting choices
  • Task - preparing a personal checklist
  • Watchpoints
The Lesson Plan is designed for large or small group work

Each Vocal Process Lesson Plan contains:

Aims - so you can see where the lesson can fit into your curriculum
Duration - how long the lesson will last (you can extend or shorten it to suit your group or individual)
Resources - what you need for the best lesson experience
Learning Objectives - the themes and targets for each singing class
Differentiated Learning Outcomes - what each singing student can expect to learn by the end of the class, divided into three categories: All students, Most students, Some students
Red Boxes! The Red boxes contain Useful Facts, Jargon Busters and Watchpoints to support you through each lesson plan and help you problem-solve

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