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Mastering Musical Theatre
Mastering Musical Theatre

Mastering Musical Theatre

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Mastering Musical Theatre

How Musical Theatre works 

Mastering Musical Theatre is now only available in our Learning Lounge

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Want to know what the "rules" for Musical Theatre performing are AND why they're there?

Want to learn practical, incredibly effective tools for getting inside the songs, the lyrics and the character?

Want to know how to teach Musical Theatre with authenticity?

     "Brilliant, insightful, empathetic, full of WOW moments, well worth it" Nettie Osman

     "A fabulous mix of content - so much packed in and very informative" Toby Parr

     "Fascinating, inspiring, practical, and informative!" Rachel Gordon

The sounds, the story and the techniques of Musical Theatre, from two of the leading experts in MT teaching, available instantly

In this streaming CPD Accredited set of training videos you will:

  • sharpen your listening and diagnostic skills with an on-the-spot analysis of FIVE industry performances covering 66 years of musical writing from South Pacific to Waitress.

  • learn Jeremy's quick process for finding the emotion in the text and transferring it to your singing

  • discover different resonance shapes for different musical styles

  • play with "legato line" for more or less punch in different songs

  • understand different vocal mixes used in musicals by different singers

  • delve deep into song text with the Timelines exercise

  • witness the extraordinary effects of Jeremy's Answers On A Postcard exercise for getting straight into the emotion/story of a song

  • watch as Gillyanne and Jeremy coach two young MT performers through songs from Les Miserables, Hamilton, Cinderella and They're Playing Our Song

  • You also get 5 CPD points at no extra charge

     "Thought provoking, challenging, informative, inspiring, enjoyable" Helena McCrisken

Who are we?

We are Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher. We've travelled around the world sharing our knowledge and techniques, and we have clients in the US, Canada, South America, the Far East, Australasia and across Europe. We've written bestselling singing books, created sell-out training DVDs and launched a series of professional development Webinars online. We're well-known for our diagnostic skills and our ability to resolve technical issues quickly.

Watch two expert trainers work together to help you understand the what, the why and the when of musical theatre vocal and performance techniques 

     "Vital for anyone wanting to pursue a career in musical theatre; either performing or teaching it" Yvette Cummings

  1. If you think Musical Theatre singing is all belt, screlt and yelt, you NEED to watch this video

  2. If you believe that classical vocal technique covers every style of musical and all your pupils need to do is sing with beautiful tone, you NEED to watch this video

  3. If you think singing the words in musicals is just like classical/opera/rock/pop/R&B/jazz, you NEED to watch this video

     "It was a fantastic day. I learnt a lot and can't wait to share it. Excited to go back to my students with some different ideas to try" Cynthia Ryder

Does this video training fit your needs?

We designed this whole workshop for singers and teachers who want to find out the HOW and the WHY of musical theatre sounds and performance styles.

I'm experienced in classical techniques. Why would I watch this video training?
More and more students want to sing in musicals, and contemporary musical theatre has many music influences. As a responsible teacher, you need to know how to guide them safely through the many different vocal styles and setups. Both of us are experienced in classical vocal training - we know which techniques transfer well and which don't.
We were invited to co-author the chapter on pedagogy in different sung genres for the Oxford Handbook of Singing - that makes us the expert's experts. We'll show you how to use your knowledge of music and structure to analyse and teach musical theatre songs authentically.

I teach contemporary singing styles, why would I watch this video training?
Although musicals today are influenced by contemporary song styles, putting them in the context of a theatre piece changes the way you sing them. Gillyanne and Jeremy take you through exercises to discover how text works in a theatre setting, and how to morph the songs you already know into a character piece. 

I need Continuing Professional Development training points. Why would I watch this video training?
Many teachers are required to provide evidence of Continuing Professional Development in their field, but authorised CPD courses for singing teachers are rare. Since May 2016 Vocal Process has been an authorised Continuing Professional Development Centre. This Mastering Musical Theatre video training carries 5 CPD points ratified by the CPD Standards Office.

There is so much in this training we've split the video into twenty seven parts!


  • An overview of musical theatre, its distinctive features, historical origins and performance culture
  • "In a nutshell" - what makes MT different and why
  • Three listening exercises - performances spanning over 60 years of musical writing
  • When to use legato line (and when not to)
  • Lifting the contemporary conversational song off the page
  • Changing resonating shape for different styles of musical performance
  • Conquering the modal-falsetto handover in the female voice - something every teacher needs to know!
  • masterclass with two young MT performers
  • Industry sounds - do they exist?
  • Three more industry performances to sharpen your analytical skills
  • The Crico-thyroid pushmi-pullyu - the best physical explanation of chest mixing we know
  • Taking chest voice higher - practical exercises to take chest voice easily to C5 (C above middle C)
  • Performance techniques - demonstrating and teaching Timelines and Answers On A Postcard
  • Masterclass section coaching songs from They're Playing Our Song and Hamilton

The tools, the input and the 'refresh' you need to bring your musical theatre singing and teaching skills up to date, streamed straight to your home

Mastering Musical Theatre is now only available in our Learning Lounge

Click here for more information 

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