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Musical Directors Vocal Technique Retreat
Company warmup for belting

Musical Directors Vocal Technique Retreat

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The Musical Director's Vocal Technique Retreat

This Vocal Technique Retreat is specifically designed for you, the MD

"I was expecting it to be really good, but it turned out to be truly inspirational. Neither smoke nor mirrors were in evidence at any point over the weekend".

We want you to be a better, more effective musical director. Discover how to take a holistic view of your singers and their needs - and how to know which 'issues' to prioritise in specific situations.

"Awesome, intense, chilled, inspiring, reallycoolstuff. It's a whole load of stuff you didn't realise you needed but actually can't thrive without. It lays the voice wide open and shows you many many choices. From now onwards, it's not "what sort of voice do I have?", it's " how will I use it today". 

"An absolutely invaluable course for anyone working with singers and their voices"


Does this Retreat fit your needs?

Being a successful musical director means:

  • multi-tasking with music, timing, instrumental, vocal and performance demands (and rehearsals)

  • being responsible for the warming up and general vocal health of your singers

  • getting the best performances out of soloists and ensemble singers

  • knowing when quick fixes are ok (and which ones to use)

"If you're an MD or choir leader working in either the professional or the amateur domain, I unreservedly recommend this course to you"

On this Retreat we'll dive into the how and why (and why not) of warmups:

  1. Why do I need to warm up my singers? We'll share three different purposes for a warmup and why you have to include them all
  2. What does each warmup exercise do? You'll get to examine favourite warmup exercises and break them down to discover what they really achieve (and if there are more efficient routines you can use)
  3. Is there a "best order" for warmup exercises? Explore complete warmup structures and how to "morph" them for each production
  4. Isn't a classical exercise routine good for everything? Understand why context is everything, and why the warmup you did for Phantom of the Opera won't help your rock show
  5. How long, how high, how complex? We'll work on three areas to help you answer that for yourself every time you work on a new production: adolescent/child voice boundaries, physical differences between male and female singers, and music genre/performance requirement
  6. Is there a standard warmup routine to use all the time? We've been teaching professional singers for a combined 50+ years and we've never found a generic singing warmup routine that works for every singer and every genre. On this Retreat we'll share the warmup exercises we use for specific music genres (and they may not be what you think)
"In-depth knowledge based on current science, bespoke practical help, led by expert coaches with experience across all genres, essential training for Musical Directors who work with singers" 

"I found that having the 'science' of the vocal mechanism explained to me verbally in person very beneficial (rather than just reading it in a book), and I felt I gained a far better understanding of how this knowledge can help in recognising what vocal problems might be happening. I also found the section on vowel tuning very useful, and was surprised at the significant differences in sound we discovered in the practical exercises"

We'll answer questions on how you coach performers (individually and in ensemble)
  1. How can I help singers portray extreme emotions without losing their voice?
  2. What's the quickest way to help singers struggling with high-lying lines?
  3. I'm having trouble with diction - are there any simple instructions for getting the words across more clearly?
  4. How do I get my ensemble to sound more cohesive?
  5. How much vocal technique do I need to know?
"The vowel tuning was a revelation!" 

We'll break down vocal techniques in a way you can experience
  1. Can you really belt "that note"?
  2. Different power sounds for different occasions
  3. What's the quickest sequence to achieve legato singing?
  4. What is "tuning" and how can we help singers to access it?
  5. Contemporary Commercial singing - how much is sound and how much is due to style features (and what are they?)

The "bespoke" bit

We've reserved time in this Retreat to focus on each person's specific challenges
  • Bring your questions and we'll work with you to find answers that work for you, in your situation, with your job
  • Bring video or audio footage of your group/production/clients and we'll talk you through exactly what you need to do to help your singers improve
  • We'll cast an expert eye over the vocal challenges you have to deal with every week, and show you how to analyse them quickly, identify the REAL issues behind the problems, and give targeted solutions that work
"The flexibility of approach and content was fantastic and allowed you to match to our needs really well"

Who are we?

Jeremy Fisher has taken the journey from national prize-winning musician to international vocal coach and bestselling author of vocal technique books. He has MD'd national tours of musicals and worked in the West End and on the concert platform since 1988. Dr Gillyanne Kayes is internationally recognised as an expert in voice training for the 21st century, breaking down difficult concepts into easy-to-follow exercises and learning sequences. 
We've travelled around the world sharing our knowledge and techniques, and we have clients in the US, Canada, South America, the Far East, Australasia and across Europe. We've written bestselling singing books and ebooks, created popular training DVDs and launched a series of professional development Webinars online. We're well-known for our diagnostic skills and our ability to resolve technical issues quickly.

Over this weekend, we are going to share that knowledge with you so that you can move on in your own teaching - increasing your personal satisfaction and advancing your career.

"Thank you both so much for sharing your passion and expertise the way you did and for creating such a safe and inviting atmosphere to explore"

Why this Retreat?

Who is this for?
Professional musical directors, MDs for drama degree courses or at stage schools, choral conductors, contemporary pop/rock/world choir conductors, instrumentalists or pianists involved in MDing or choir leaders "My lack of knowledge and understanding about how singers produce sound, the choices that they make, and how to overcome vocal difficulties were limiting my career options as a Musical Director"

I want properly authorised, evidence-based training. Why would I come on this Retreat?
Many teachers are required to provide evidence of Continuing Professional Development in their field, but authorised CPD courses for musicians are rare. Since May 2016 Vocal Process has been an authorised Continuing Professional Development Centre. This Musical Director's Vocal Technique Retreat will carry 22 CPD points ratified by the CPD Standards Office, which can be awarded on completion of the weekend. Both Gillyanne and Jeremy are externally validated coaches with decades of experience in voice training and performance coaching.

I'm experienced in classical techniques. Why would I come on this Retreat?
As an MD you'll be working in many different music genres - classical, operetta, rock, gospel, tribute, contemporary pop, world, the list is endless. As a responsible teacher you need to know enough to guide your performers safely through different vocal styles and setups. Both of us are experienced in classical vocal training - we know which techniques transfer well into other music genres and which don't.
We were invited to co-author the chapter on pedagogy in different sung genres for the Oxford Handbook of Singing - that makes us the expert's experts.


This Retreat price includes access to one of our most popular Webinars:

Webinar 3 - What's in a Warmup?

This Webinar will be sent to you to watch before the Retreat begins so that we can move quickly through your options during the Retreat.


February 17-19 2020

Castleton, Rochdale - 1 mile from M62/A627(M) 


Early Booking Discount £557.00 until December 31st 2019

"As a bonus, the food was terrific and Jeremy's cakes were divine!"

One Retreat that gives you the tools, the input and the 'refresh' you need to bring your MD vocal coaching skills up to date.

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