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Musical Directors Vocal Technique Retreat
Company warmup for belting

Musical Directors Vocal Technique Retreat

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The Musical Director's Vocal Technique Retreat

This Vocal Technique Retreat is specifically designed for you, the MD

The title ‘MD’ covers many roles – musician, coordinator, leader, vocal coach, motivator. This three-day practical intensive is bursting with ideas, techniques, suggestions and step-by-step processes for MDs wanting to refine their work with singers.

"In-depth knowledge based on current science, bespoke practical help, led by expert coaches with experience across all genres, essential training for Musical Directors who work with singers"

"I was expecting it to be really good, but it turned out to be truly inspirational. Neither smoke nor mirrors were in evidence at any point over the weekend".

About you

You're an experienced instrumentalist who is MDing and you want to know more about how your singers' voices work. You need simple targeted techniques to help them achieve their best.

You're an experienced singer leading a singing group. You can sing, you’ve got some conducting skills but what you learned as a singer isn’t translating to your group – and might not even be suitable. You need a tool-box you can dip into that will help your group enjoy their singing more.

You’re a collaborative pianist and you coach singers 1-1. You know how the music works and you can hear stylistic differences but are not always sure how to help your singers find those differences so that they can find their best performance.

You’re working in multiple genres with a group of eager singers who love rock and pop but don’t ‘rock it’ vocally? How do you help your singers find their mojo?

"If you're an MD or choir leader working in either the professional or the amateur domain, I unreservedly recommend this course to you"

Why this Retreat?

You want to learn from teachers who have taken the same journey, who walk the talk.

You're looking for a training where you can work collaboratively in a small group and get the focus you need for YOUR working context.

You want practical techniques so you can hear and feel the difference for yourself, and you want the thinking behind those techniques to be reliable.

You want to work in an atmosphere of shared knowledge, to feel your current skills and level are valued, so you can grow further.

You don’t want a “cookie cutter” course! You want small group training that fits you, your needs and the context that you work in.

And you want to be able to ask questions about what you don't know and have them answered with generosity.

You need PROCESSING TIME and to know there's ongoing support available after your training.

"The flexibility of approach and content was fantastic and allowed you to match to our needs really well"

"Awesome, intense, chilled, inspiring, reallycoolstuff”

About this Retreat

We want you to be a better, more effective MD. On this Retreat we take only ten people. You’ll be learning as a whole group, 1-1 and in pairs. Phil Reynolds, professional bass player, teacher and choir leader, is personally trained by us and will be able to share how he applies what he has learned with us.

This is not a ‘tell’ training – it’s a ‘how to’ training – we use a mix of conceptual, explorative, practical and experiential learning and encourage you to apply this in your specific context.

On this Retreat

WARMUPS – why, what, when and how. The context and content of warming up for different repertoire for different singer groups, and why we don’t recommend a standard warmup routine.

EXERCISES – analysing vocal exercises to discover what they do (and don’t do). When to incorporate exercises into your warmup, and how to create them from the rep you are working on.

1-1 COACHING – what instructions work for which people. Prioritising and efficiency in rehearsal. Diagnosis of vocal challenges – when/what to target and when to refer to a singing teacher

DICTION – the “rules” of diction and the difference between diction and intelligibility. How to change diction styles for different repertoire.

It's a whole load of stuff you didn't realise you needed but actually can't thrive without. It lays the voice wide open and shows you many many choices. From now onwards, it's not "what sort of voice do I have?", it's " how will I use it today".

“The vowel tuning was a revelation!”

"An absolutely invaluable course for anyone working with singers and their voices"

About us

You're investing in learning with us because we have over 60 years of experience working with singers of all genres and at all levels, solo and ensemble.

Jeremy is a prizewinning pianist and MD of national and international tours who has studied vocal technique in depth. He has walked the journey from instrumentalist to expert vocal coach. He knows what’s relevant for an MD/choral leader taking singers into performance, and he knows the stresses and joys of the MD job from the inside!

Gillyanne is renowned as a vocal technician and voice builder. She has presented on vocal technique and pedagogy all over the world. Her first technique book, Singing and the Actor, is still a best-seller after 20 years. She started her career as a professional choral singer.

Together we have published 9 books on singing and performance techniques (for every type of singer from schoolkids to professionals). Our books, DVDs, Webinars and Lesson Plans break down technique and voice science into straightforward, understandable instructions. This Is A Voice (commissioned by the Wellcome Trust) has been on the Amazon top 100 voicebooks lists for the last 2 years.

"I found that having the 'science' of the vocal mechanism explained to me verbally in person very beneficial (rather than just reading it in a book), and I felt I gained a far better understanding of how this knowledge can help in recognising what vocal problems might be happening. I also found the section on vowel tuning very useful, and was surprised at the significant differences in sound we discovered in the practical exercises"

Check out our backgrounds here:

Dates and Venue

New dates February 17-19 2020

Castleton, Rochdale – 1 mile from M62/A627(M)

Price - £647.00

If you would like to pay in instalments, please email us on

Day 1 Arrive 1.00pm for 1.30pm start, finish 6.30pm
Day 2 9.30am - 6.00pm
Day 3 9.30am - 4.30pm

Accommodation is not provided but details of local Airbnbs and reasonable hotels are available

"As a bonus, the food was terrific and Jeremy's cakes were divine!"

One Retreat that gives you the tools, the input and the 'refresh' you need to bring your MD vocal coaching skills up to date.

Add this Retreat to your cart now before all the places disappear

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