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Constriction and Release - The Techniques DVD Streaming version
Constriction and Release - The Techniques DVD Streaming version

Constriction and Release - The Techniques DVD Streaming version

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Are you confused about your throat tightening?

Does your voice stop working when you're nervous?

Have you been told to "open the throat" but don't know how?

 Now on this streaming video

you can learn exactly where your throat closes, and how to open it...

in 21 minutes or less!

Constriction and Release The Techniques DVD

NB This is the streaming version of Constriction and Release - The Techniques, saved at a slightly lower level. For the DVD please click here

Gillyanne Kayes, Methuen bestselling author and voice researcher, takes you step by step through this remarkable technique. This is one of the most important tools in any vocal toolkit, and it's the first time the entire process has been available to the public in its entirety

Filmed as part of the Singing and the Actor Training intensive seminar, the work on this streaming video is based on the chapter "My voice won't come out at Auditions" in Gillyanne's best-selling book 'Singing and the Actor'.

This streaming video will teach you:

  1. why opening the throat ISN'T connected with breath

  2. the difference between relaxed and open, and why you need both

  3. how to identify a tight throat in speaking, singing or breathing

  4. how you can monitor your practice from the outside - and the most common mistake people make

  5. how to find the 'silent laugh' position using several different approaches

  6. how to separate the silent laugh from unwanted physical tensions

  7. what to do when you lose the silent laugh

  8. what to do when you don't feel like laughing at all

  9. how to check if you're doing it right

  10. how you can open up without sounding like a classical singer

  11. why noisy whispering is bad for you

  12. how to separate your true vocal folds from your false vocal folds, and why it's essential for healthy speaking and singing

  13. what to listen for when you are opening the throat - and why you DON'T want to hear the "sounds of the sea"

  14. when doing it "wrong" can be right

  15. how to isolate false vocal fold constriction from tongue movement

  16. how to find three positions of the false vocal folds - and the most common mistake that people make

  17. what the true vocal folds are doing when you are performing unvoiced constriction

Join the group as they go through the entire technique of the silent laugh and its partner, 'silent breathing'. This footage was devised by Gillyanne and Jeremy for actors, singers, teachers and voice therapists wanting to learn precise, effective techniques for vocal improvement in singing or speaking.

BONUS 1 - Practice

Eavesdrop on the practice group as Jeremy takes the participants through the exercises. This bonus track comprises almost 15 minutes of excerpts from the practice session, and shows Jeremy working with a small group of participants to help them improve their understanding and personal voice use.

         Watch their individual progress as they experiment with the techniques

         Listen to different people describing their own sensations
         - not everyone feels what you feel!

         Witness the techniques being mastered in minutes

This bonus track includes:

  • Differentiating between constriction and creaky voice (vocal fold fry) and why creak can be good for you
  • Clear demonstrations in male and female voices
  • Heavy-duty constriction and what it feels like
  • A special exercise to check where the constriction is being made, and why a Scottish loch can help
  • How the false vocal folds move - a useful tip for visual learners

BONUS 2 - Looking at a Voice: Constriction and Release

As a second thank-you for buying this streaming video we're including a free copy of 'Looking At A Voice: Constriction and Release'. The original Looking At A Voice series was a UK first, and the debut video ebook was featured on the BBC science programmes 'Leading Edge' and 'Science in Action', broadcast to an estimated 44,000,000 people!

This endoscopy video shows EXACTLY what's happening inside your throat when you tighten.

  • See inside a healthy living larynx as it performs the constriction and retraction exercises
  • Closeup video footage uses two different cameras inside the throat, showing the movement of the entire larynx AND extreme close-ups of the true and false vocal folds themselves in stroboscopic 'slow motion'.
  • The footage includes Jeremy performing some unusual vocal tasks including silent constriction - holding the true vocal folds together without vibrating while moving the false vocal folds - fast constriction and release, and extreme constriction of the false vocal folds and throat.

The first pressing of the DVD version sold out in six hours...

If you really want to find your open throat sound, eliminate unwanted disturbance in your singing and end that tight throat feeling, add this vocal technique streaming video to your cart now and get immediate access to the techniques

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