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*NEW JULY DATES* Online Singing Teacher Training
*NEW JULY DATES* Online Singing Teacher Training

*NEW JULY DATES* Online Singing Teacher Training

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Online Singing Teacher Training

Connect with your tribe, refind your joy, get inspiration for your teaching

"Teaching will never be the same after this. It's life changing"

NEW *JULY* DATES: 3rd-7th July and 16th-20th July 

Singing teaching can be isolating, even if you work in an institution. In this time of Covid19 we are bound to feel disconnected from each other and start to question our effectiveness as teachers.

"I ended my two weeks of training, not only feeling inspired, but with a restored faith in myself as a teacher. 
I live in Australia, and to be able to access such a high quality of training, from the other side of the world, in my own home, was truly amazing. 
I give them my full recommendation, and if you have been thinking about doing a course with them, I would encourage you not to wait any longer"

Earlier this year we ran 2 pilot study courses for singing teachers online. Just 2 hours a day online, 10 hours a week, 2 weeks. Our teachers LOVED it. 

"Thank you ever so much for a brilliant, insightful two weeks.
I can already see a shift in my lessons and in responses from pupils"

"I think this has been one of the best learning environments I have been in. 
There was a great sense of generosity"

Now we're running it again and we're accepting motivated singing teachers on the course. If you've wanted to work with us, now is your chance. These two weeks of online training are for YOU - the 'need-to-know' about the functioning of the voice, vocal health issues, working with different genres and performance coaching tips. We'll also ensure that you know what to DO with that knowledge. If your students aren't getting the sound you want, something isn't working - this course helps you identify WHY and more importantly, what to DO about it.

"I have also loved seeing what feels like my teacher family each evening during this time of isolation
It was really uplifting to laugh with you all!
Thank you with heartfelt gratitude for all the knowledge you have passed on to us G and J!

Every day you'll spend time with Gillyanne and Jeremy finding out more about your teaching style, your knowledge base (and any gaps) and your communication with your students. There are breakout rooms online with experienced facilitators where you can ask questions and join discussions about what you've learned.

You'll understand how to take the Vocal Process holistic view of your student and their needs - and how to know which 'issues' to prioritise in specific situations, whether you're working across ages, genders or genres.

"Gillyanne and Jeremy leave room for the unknown, the yet to be discovered and the plain magic.
And treat the singer as a whole person-not an amalgam of cartilage, muscle and gristle.

Week 1: Hear - Investigate - Diagnose

Introduction and practical session - we start with a practical session tailored to the group. Every day will include time in the Zoom breakout rooms for discussion and questions

Session 1. We dig deep into the purpose of vocal exercises using the Big Four

Session 2. Shaping the sound - the easy & intuitive way to teach your students about resonance

Session 3. Genre - what are the performance goals of different genres? How does that translate into training cross-genre (and no, one size does not fit all...)

Session 4. Understanding the problems of singing words in different genres

Session 5. Diagnosis and profiling. Watching video lessons, what do you see, what would you do differently?

Week 2: Problem-solve - Contextualise

Going deeper into your teaching and knowledge. You will also have time in the Zoom breakout rooms for discussion and questions

Session 1. The life cycle of the voice and why it matters to your students (and you).

Session 2. More on resonance, and the single most useful resonance technique we use to change your sound outcome at will

Session 3. More than just sound. Getting the best performance from your singer, working the song, performance and music techniques

Session 4. My singer has a voice problem - what constitutes a voice problem, when to intervene and when to ask for help

Session 5. Masterclass, troubleshooting and roundup.

You can do Week 1 and stop, or join Weeks 1 and 2.
Applying for Week 2 alone is by invitation of Vocal Process only - please contact us.

There are only 20 spaces on each week.

"They make learning fun and intuitive, and have really had an impact on my teaching in a short space of time. Can't recommend them enough!"


All sessions will be live online and will not be repeated. Please make sure before signing up that you can attend all sessions for your chosen week(s).

Each session will be approximately 2 hours long. There will be opportunities for questions and we will be using Zoom breakout rooms for smaller group practice. We will be broadcasting from the UK at 10am British Summer Time each day.

Pre-course preparation

1. Included in your fee is access to our two hour-long online training Webinars on How We Diagnose. Watch them before the event as they form the basis of discussion for the techniques discussed in Week 1.

2. To get the most out of the course we recommend you video yourself giving a lesson a few days before we start. Zoom lessons are ideal for this. This is a marker of where you are at the beginning of the course.
If we've not worked with you in person as a teacher, it would help us get to know you and your teaching if you sent us up to 10 minutes of your video. You can edit it to show you and the student doing something (a warmup, song learning, applying a technique within a song phrase etc). It also helps us to understand your client base. We can provide a sample privacy/permissions form to cover GDPR if you need it. 

Post-course support

Post-Training you will be invited to join Gillyanne's private FB group of teachers, choir leaders and singing leaders all personally known to us. There is a wonderful spirit of collaboration between the group, which has been running for 7 years. Knowledge, tips and laughs are shared within the group on topics such as harmonics, pitch and subglottal pressure, repertoire for young singers of pop and MT, helping students with ASD and addressing teacher burnout. You will never be made to feel your question is "too basic".

By the end of this training you will be able to:

Run more effective online sessions with your students

See an immediate impact on your students and your teaching

Troubleshoot with confidence the common vocal problems of breath use, phonation, resonance, articulation and voice-body balance

Move creatively between a vocal warm-up, a skill-learning exercise and a song coaching session within a singing lesson

Use language and instruction in a flexible way so that what you say resonates with your students

Who is this for?

This training is not for beginner teachers - you need to be experienced. It is suitable for those already teaching for a minimum of 3 years (1-1, school, class, university). All genres and methods are welcome. This online training is high-level, targeted input for teachers and coaches - please contact us if you aren't sure and Gillyanne will advise.

"I would say that this training will challenge you as a teacher, in the best way possible.
It will provide you with a wealth of knowledge in a wonderful, supportive environment and is worth every cent."

SPECIAL BONUSES worth over GB £50.00, EU €55.67

The Training price includes access to two of our most popular vocal diagnostics Webinars:

Webinar 1 - How We Diagnose: Client Profile

Webinar 2 - How We Diagnose: Vocal Technique

These Webinars will be sent to you to watch before the Training begins so that we can move quickly through your options during the weekend.


Venue: Online via Zoom

Dates: Week 1: Friday July 3rd to Tuesday July 7th (5 days)

Week 2: Thursday 16th July to Monday 21st July (5 days)

Times: 10.00-12.00 British Summer Time (New York 5-7am, Brasilia 6-8am, Barcelona 11am-1pm, Dubai 1-3pm, Singapore 5-7pm, Tokyo 6-8pm, Sydney 7-9pm, Auckland 9-11pm, )

The online training that gives you the tools, the input and the 'refresh' you need to bring your singing teaching skills up to date.

WARNING! BOTH our previous runs sold out long before each event. We only have 20 places on each course and we already have a waiting-list of people who missed out last time. Add this course to your cart immediately - you don't want to get FOMO!

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