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Webinar 5 Exams, Auditions and Competitions
Webinar 5 Exams, Auditions and Competitions

Webinar 5 Exams, Auditions and Competitions

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STOP PRESS: Webinar 5 is now available in our new Vocal Process Learning Lounge. 15 years of CPD resources (including all our Webinars) available instantly for less than the price of one singing lesson 

Webinar 5: Artistry and Performance 2 - What do they want from me?
Auditions, Competitions and Exams - Finding your way through the minefield of judged performances.

We highlight the purpose of each type of judged performance and why you need to be aware of what you're going for.

You’ve told us that your top five issues are:

  • The Judge
  • Nerves
  • The Environment
  • Goals
  • The Pianist

So in this webinar we share powerful tools that can be applied to every judged performance situation (and to every concert, gig or appearance).

  1. Setting goals - examples of attainable, achievable goals for singers to boost your performing skill

  2. Carrying your space - why you don't have to be nervous of new venues or exam rooms

  3. Answers on a Postcard - our most powerful technique for getting you into each song in an instant (we've never shared this one online before)

  4. And we explain the Cycle of Nerves, and why you need to know what yours is! We even reveal how WE deal with nerves (and we don’t do it in the same way)

And we include techniques and exercises that you can do at home to help you give your best performance under pressure

Your purchase price includes our extensive Handout of techniques, hints and tips, and full access to the streaming Webinar video. You can pause, rewind and repeat the online video as many times as you like for the perfect learning experience.

As soon as your Webinar order goes through, you’ll get an email with confirmation of your purchase. We'll send you the PDF Handout directly to your email inbox in a time-limited link. Make sure you download it to your hard drive straight away.

Want to nail it on the day? Get this webinar before your next audition!

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