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The Singing Teacher's Training Leeds College of Music

The Singing Teacher's Training Leeds College of Music

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The Singing Teacher Training Intensive

It's not what you know, it's HOW you convey it

We want you to be a better, more effective teacher. Discover how to take a holistic view of your student and their needs - and how to know which 'issues' to prioritise in specific situations.

On this Singing Teacher Training weekend we help you ditch the singing myths, streamline your current knowledge and add new insights. Each day you will get to try out the exercises and techniques we learn under each topic. You'll also discover how to apply them to different situations. You will leave with practical techniques to use right away in your studio, your class or your university.

Singing teaching can be isolating, even if you work in an institution. In an unregulated profession, we can feel uncertain about our knowledge base, our level, as well as our effectiveness as teachers. But what we want MOST is to help your students improve.

"Had a lesson today which was epic thanks to the 'find the problem and solve it' rule" 

Kate Cubley PGCert Grad, VoiceWorkshop

"Teaching will never be the same after this. It's life changing" 

Jacqui Podoski MA Pedagogy Grad, RNCM

Hear - Investigate - Diagnose - Problem-solve - Contextualise

The singer just wants to sing better. The singing teacher needs to have insight into what they are hearing - the difference between a vocal 'problem' and a genre choice - what's happening functionally - and what to do about it.

On this Intensive we help you refine your diagnostic skills, by showing you how to investigate first, diagnose likely causes and be creative in your problem-solving.

Just because you can sing well doesn't mean you're going to teach well. Many singers do not know how they produce their sound, or if they do, they are not able to make the leap to help someone with a different voice make that sound.
We'll share with you how we listen, investigate and assess what's going on with each singer, and how we adapt our exercises for individual students, so they can find what's needed in their voice.

You probably already have a 'pot' of vocal exercises, but you also need to understand what they are for, how to tailor them for individual students for voice building and skills application. 
On this Intensive you'll discover how to better apply your current and new knowledge to the specific situation and person you are training.

Singing is such a personal activity that it's easy to pass on your own vocal habits and biases to your students. This may not be the best way for them to develop. We'll help you understand your own context as a singer and musician and to honour your students' context so that you can teach each individual without bias.

The key to your students' continuous development is remembering what they have done in previous lessons. You'll learn how to streamline your notes, case histories and lesson observations with a targeted client profile that supports your teaching strategy

The most important part of teaching is not the knowledge you have, but the ability to build an effective programme for someone else. We'll guide you in creating the graded, incremental steps that move the student quickly towards their desired goals.

Discover how to help your student achieve their goals and aspirations. 

"A real look at how to plan your lessons in a more productive way and to get the results you are looking for"

Sally Woan Singing Tutor, University of Manchester


By the end of this weekend you will be able to: 

Monitor your students' progress efficiently and plan long-term goals with a new vocal profiling checklist

Move creatively between a vocal warm-up, a skill-learning exercise and a song coaching session within a singing lesson

Devise exercises for vocal development that work for your particular client base

Troubleshoot with confidence the common vocal problems of breath use, phonation, resonance, articulation and voice-body balance

Use language and instruction in a flexible way so that what you say resonates with your students

"These people are pure genius in what they do.
In every aspect of training different clients in their complexities and needs they are nothing short of fantastic."

Alison O'Gorman Media vocal and performance coach

Post-Intensive support

Post-Training you will be invited to join Gillyanne's private FB group of teachers, choir leaders and singing leaders all personally known to us. There is a wonderful spirit of collaboration between the group, which has been running for 7 years. Knowledge, tips and laughs are shared within the group on topics such as harmonics, pitch and subglottal pressure, repertoire for young singers of pop and MT, helping students with ASD and addressing teacher burnout. You will never be made to feel your question is "too basic".

Pre-Intensive requirements:

We ask you to submit short videos of your teaching (class, choir or 1-1). This allows us to see how you teach, what your concerns are, how you interact with your students, and what type of client base you are working with. We can provide a sample privacy/permissions form to cover GDPR if needed.

How the Training Weekend is taught

We teach in plenary group discussion, small group discussion and 1-1 coaching both "under glass" and privately. You will do practical work on each day of the course -  devising exercises, lesson plans, routes to song learning etc. according to your needs.

Who is this Intensive for?

This Training Intensive is suitable those already teaching for a minimum of 3 years (1-1, school, class, university). All genres and methods are welcome. This Weekend is high-level, targeted input for teachers and coaches, so not for beginner teachers - please contact us if you aren't sure and Gillyanne will advise.

SPECIAL BONUSES worth over GB £50.00, EU €55.67

The Training price includes access to two of our most popular vocal diagnostics Webinars:

   Webinar 1 - How We Diagnose: Client Profile

   Webinar 2 - How We Diagnose: Vocal Technique

These Webinars will be sent to you to watch before the Training begins so that we can move quickly through your options during the weekend.


Venue: Leeds College of Music, 3 Quarry Hill, Leeds LS2 7PD

Dates: 25-27 October 2019

Friday 13.30 - 18.30
Saturday 09.30 - 17.30
Sunday 09.30 - 16.30

One weekend that gives you the tools, the input and the 'refresh' you need to bring your singing teaching skills up to date.

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