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So tell us what you want (what you really really want)

Posted by Administrator on 1/3/2014 to Applying our work - your questions
Good professional development training for singers and singing teachers is hard to come by, and we wanted to provide high-level training and support, without you having to leave your house. So just before Christmas we sent out a quick online survey, and the answers have been flooding in.

We wanted to know what you'd like us to teach in our 2014 online training Webinars.  Our hour-long Webinars are fully interactive - we begin with a set topic each month, answering your questions and sharing your thoughts as we go along.
And after the live event, we make the Replay available and create a multi-page handout with mindmaps and visuals as an aide-memoire.

And the survey? So far we've had answers from six continents (I'm still holding out for Antarctica).

The top results so far are:
In first place:        Troubleshooting vocal problems
Joint second are:   Voice disorders for singing teachers
                                 Breathing and breath control
Joint third are:      Adolescent voice
                                Taking vocal technique into song
Fourth is:             Managing vocal range
and fifth is:          'Legit' singing in musical theatre

There's still time for you to fill in the survey (it takes around 90 seconds).
All the survey participants get a £10 voucher as a thankyou from us.

So if you haven't already, click here to tell us what you want

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