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Free Report: Six of the best Speech Apps
BlueTree Speech Bundle

Free Report: Six of the best Speech Apps

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Six of the best... Speech Apps

This FREE Report features the best speech apps that you can use in your lessons or group classes, or to help you practise

The Report covers apps for the sounds of speech (in American and English), the movements of the speech articulators (jaw, tongue, lips and soft palate), and the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) with recordings
Discover exactly what moves where when you make a consonant
The correct sounds of Standard American and Standard British, and precisely what vowels a triphthong contains
Compare your articulation movements to the movements of an app's avatar, with direct camera links for side-by-side viewing

Vocal Process Accredited Teacher Anne Leatherland takes you through six Apps for speech and articulation with useful information including:

  • Pros of each app
  • Cons of each app
  • How easy each app is to use
  • Which operating system version you need
  • The direct link to download
  • Price of each app (from £1.49 apps to £10.99 apps - includes information on in-app purchases)
  • Summary and comments on why this app might work for you in your lessons or your singing practice
With full colour images from each app, this free report gives you a great heads-up on the most useful voice, speech and articulation apps to use

Add this report to your cart and download it for free (you don't need to enter any credit card details).

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