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Webinar 11 Pitch, Pace and Power
Webinar 11 Pitch, Pace and Power

Webinar 11 Pitch, Pace and Power

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Webinar 11 - Pitch, Pace and Power: Improving and extending your speaking voice for better communication and vocal tone

The webinar was outstanding. Alejandro, Mexico City
Very helpful and most interesting. Clearly and concisely presented.  
I'm happy with everything you cover. Thank you. Terri, UK
Very interesting and...funny!! It was perfect. I  enjoyed every minute. Tal, Israel

This thought-provoking Webinar on improving your speaking voice is packed with practical techniques, awareness exercises and demonstrations to help you find a more effective speaking voice.
Here's what we cover:
  • What the scientists think makes up the perfect voice (and we give you the BBC weblink to listen to demonstrations of their results)
  • What causes pitch and why pitch and frequency are different
  • Why pitch is a cultural issue, and why speaking pitch has more than one aspect
  • Two awareness exercises to find your most comfortable speaking pitch and how much variation you have
  • Two pitch variation exercises to explore moving your speaking voice around (Jeremy covers just under two octaves in the demonstration - and voices the pitch contours of famous television baddies!)
  • What controls pace, what different paces might indicate, and why there are two elements to pace
  • Two secrets that Jeremy and Gillyanne use for presenting (with demonstrations of both) that help audiences stay focused
  • How you can use pace to create a rapport or deliberately subvert
  • Techniques for tuning in to your pace, with four different paces to experiment with
  • Two different pace/pause combinations to avoid when communicating (Unless you re a politician )
  • And a way of dealing with vocal tics that helps you keep the thinking speed you need, but doesn't annoy your audience
  • How to become aware of your volume level - and a technique we created especially for this Webinar on getting habitually quiet speakers to use more sound
  • Three exercises for changing dynamics. NB Our Webinar recordings are normally balanced to avoid our voices peaking or disappearing, but for these exercises we have left the volumes levels exactly as they occurred in the live event so that you can experience the extent of the dynamic changes you can achieve.
  • A sample paragraph of text, colour-coded with possible volume changes to experiment with (and a practical way of physicalising those volume changes)
  • Which vocal sounds (qualities) are more powerful than others in different situations, which ones you think are bad, and why we disagree (on all except one)
Live Q&A
Here are the questions we answer in the live Q&A:
  • How important is context to speaking voice? We give our thoughts on:
    Who you re talking to and what their expectations are;
    What your message is and what your intent is;
    Where you are speaking (what type of space, what type of background noise, and how using a microphone changes your relationship with the listener)
  • How important are accents? We share the results of our survey, and identify the most important thing about accents and intelligibility
  • What can I use to get attention in the classroom? We give you the technique that doesn't scare the children
  • Anything to avoid? We reveal the one thing to avoid in your speaking or presenting (it's crept into the language and once you notice someone doing it, it becomes really annoying )
  • We finish with three Tasks to enable you to take the techniques and tips from the Webinar into the real world three things that will expand the way you speak.
  • And we include a full speech text for you to practise using your new range of voice pitch, pace and power

Your purchase price includes our extensive Handout of techniques, hints and tips, and full access to the streaming Webinar video. You can pause, rewind and repeat the online video as many times as you like for the perfect learning experience.

As soon as your Webinar order goes through, you’ll get an email with confirmation of your purchase. We'll send you the PDF Handout directly to your email inbox in a time-limited link. Make sure you download it to your hard drive straight away.

If you want to extend your speaking voice for better communication and vocal tone, add this Webinar video and Handout to your cart now

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