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Starting here, starting now...

Posted by Jeremy Fisher on 9/23/2013 to All about the cart
Thanks for joining us in our brand new Vocal Process cart.
The new look shopping cart has so many features that it's difficult to know where to begin!

Here's a quick overview of what you can see and do - we'll be blogging in more detail about each section later.

The Home view gives you a quick update on who we are, shows you featured products and new releases. We really like the fact that you have it all laid out for you on one page and can navigate to wherever you want

We've grouped our voice education resources into five Categories - Webinars, DVDs and CDs, Courses and Retreats, Books and Gift Certificates. Click on each Category to find the specific learning tool you want

You can also browse by price - for example there are 24 of our books, webinars and products under £30

Webinar 8, Taking Chest Voice Higher - MixingClick on any individual item and you'll get full-colour images, a full description, availability and price. And a special new addition is currency conversion!
You'll see that there are videos available for some products, and we're adding more week by week.

Throughout the site at the top of each page we have a new Search function
Put in "speaking voice" and you get 10 matches of products that might be relevant to spoken voice health and techniques

So the Vocal Process store does all the normal stuff like adding your choice of Webinar, DVD, CD or Retreat to your checkout and calculating any shipping charges (none in the UK, and of course none on Retreats or downloads).

In the meanwhile (as the Sondheim song has it), enjoy! Jeremy

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