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Webinar 15 Successful Singing Auditions Q&A
Successful Singing Auditions Q&A

Webinar 15 Successful Singing Auditions Q&A

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Webinar 15: Successful Singing Auditions Q&A with the authors

Sing up a storm in your next audition!

We thought it was about time we shared some of our secrets for getting our clients into West End roles, televised competitions and film musicals. So in our latest Webinar Replay we take four songs and analyse them in detail for vocal technique and performance issues in exactly the way we would do for our private client coaching sessions.

These four songs are used in Music Theatre auditions around the globe, and regularly appear in our Successful Singing Auditions masterclasses around Europe.

For the men "Anthem" from Chess and "I'm Alive" from next to normal

And for the women "Breathe"from In the Heights, and, of course, "Defying Gravity" from Wicked

We examine each song's plot, the text, and suggest several ways of cutting the song for audition (the short versions and different 16 bar versions). 

We look at the character's subtext and how you can change it to change the performance of the song, and we point out the potential pitfalls in each song for the performer.

Also in this 70 minute Webinar:

We share the biggest change in the industry for auditioning since 2002 (when we wrote the book) and why it gives an unrealistic view of professional musical theatre

We show you how we choose songs for dramatic AND musical style, and give you 16 examples of songs with different dramatic weights and musical styles, from Little Mermaid to Bare.

We dissect nine shows and six songs for their dramatic type, and tell you why identifying them helps you choose better audition songs

And we give you examples of songs in four different music styles - the Vaudeville point number, the rock ballad, the folk pop number, and Neoromantic classical aria - that are all used in Musical Theatre

And you'll discover one of our most powerful techniques for getting inside the skin of the character in each song - Timelines

We show you in depth how to find the Timelines for each song, and how the Timelines of different characters will help you understand the song on a deep, personal level

And we round off the Webinar with Your Questions Answered:

Where do I look?

We tell you the two main categories of audition and why you need to use your sightlines in a different way for each one. And we give you help on how your eyeline works in different parts of a song and why you need to "place" your characters

What do I do when I hear someone else sing my song?

We give you tips on how to deal with "green room politics", such as having to wait for 8 hours onsite for your audition

Dealing with a pianist or panel who want a different song - we give you sentences to say that get you gracefully out of that situation

And you'll discover the golden rule for you and your music that you break at your peril!

How much can I move?

There's a practical solution for bringing the appropriate level of movement into your auditions, whether you're a static person or the possessor of windmill arms.

This helps you take your world into the world of the audition (and we cover that in more detail in Webinar 5: Exams, Auditions and Competitions)

Choosing repertoire for young singers

Where to find repertoire for children's musical theatre and what to avoid at all costs. And Jeremy shares a warning story from Les Miserables West End auditions about changing the way you sing the song for the recall

Top tips for memorising

We give you a number of different visual and kinaesthetic techniques that will enhance your memorising skills

Marking up the score

This is Jeremy's number one rule for audition music - it'll cost you very little but will ensure that you get your version of the song played by the pianist on the day

And you'll discover:

    What to avoid when you're marking up music   

    Two pieces of advice on how to present your music to the pianist

    And a great tip from Gillyanne on printing your music

As soon as your Webinar order goes through, you'll get an email with confirmation of your purchase. We'll send you the PDF Handout directly to your email inbox in a time-limited link. Make sure you download it to your hard drive straight away.

And the weblink to the streaming video is on the first page of the pdf. You can watch the video online at any time of day or night, pause and rewind it, or repeat it at your own pace.

So, if you want to get tips for singing better in auditions, if you want to find out why our clients are consistently recalled for jobs and film roles, and if you want to know why they get onto the televised rounds of singing competitions, get this Webinar Replay now and stay ahead of the game.

It's the best thing for your voice you can do in your pajamas!

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