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Webinar 18 Taking Vocal Technique Into Song
Webinar 18 - Taking Vocal Technique Into Song

Webinar 18 Taking Vocal Technique Into Song

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Webinar 18: Taking Vocal Technique Into Song
Key tools to get the song into your voice

You've got a pretty good technique, you can make the sounds in exercises, but what happens when you put them into the song? How DO you make that leap?

Our 2014/5 Survey of singers and singing teachers showed that your top three concerns were "Breathing", "Range" and "Taking Vocal Technique Into Song". We've already covered the first two topics in Webinar 16 (Troubleshooting Vocal Problems - Breathing!) and Webinar 17 (Troubleshooting Vocal Problems - Range!).

So in this hour-long online voice training webinar on Taking Vocal Technique Into Song we explain the difference between technique and song, and list four things that a song definitely ISN'T!

Tessitura and Pitch Centres
We give you the difference between song range, tessitura and pitch centre
Why knowing the song's pitch centres can make your singing easier
We show you the pitch centres for 6 different songs - and explain how you can revolutionise your sound by deliberately adjusting the pitch centre

Breath patterns
One size of breath definitely doesn't fit all the songs we've include
We give you a brilliant but simple exercise to judge the amount of breath you need for each phrase

With or without style?
3 contemporary vocal style additions that require more (or less) breath

The song of the moment, Let It Go (from Frozen)
We look at the breath patterns and pitch centres for the two official recordings (Idina Menzel and Demi Lovato) and discuss their vocal style, phrasing and sound

Singing words
We give you our top solutions for dealing with difficult vowels, and take you step by step through techniques for dealing with the singer's nightmare - pitched consonants

Case histories:
Gillyanne demonstrates how to problem-solve upward leaps on voiced consonants in contemporary classical music, and Jeremy shares his fixes for belting the money note in musical theatre
And we include the precise technical fixes we used to help two West End singers in the problem songs "What is it about her" (The Wild Party) and "Love you I do" (Dreamgirls)

Throughout the Webinar you'll hear us answering questions on taking vocal technique into song, including the very best way to help singers move seamlessly from technical exercises to performance

Over an hour of expert advice, simple, profound vocal techniques and the clarification of singing concepts that Vocal Process is famous for
All accessible immediately at the click of a download button

By the end of this training seminar you'll understand the key concepts that will help you learn (and teach) songs quickly. So you can put your heart and soul into the performance.

How an online singing training Webinar Replay works

If you've not discovered the Vocal Process Webinar Replays before, it's just two simple steps:

Step 1: The Webinar Handout: As soon as your Webinar order goes through, you’ll get an email with confirmation of your purchase. The email will have a download link for you to click. This is time-limited so make sure you click on it and download the PDF Handout straight away.

Step 2:
The streaming video: Once you've downloaded the PDF Handout, open it and click on the link on the first page. The streaming video will appear in a new internet browser window. Click on the video to play or pause, and hover your mouse over the screen to see the chapter menu. It's that simple.

So, if you really want to improve your singing, and increase your vocal troubleshooting skills, add this online singing training Webinar to your shopping cart now and stay ahead of the game!

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