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The Performer's Retreat

The Performer's Retreat

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Performer's Retreat participant Maria Torras Pareja singing onstage

The Performer's Retreat

Rediscover your performing mojo

You know what you want but your voice won't sing it

You want more ideas about YOUR version of the song

You want to find out what is holding you back from having the career you want

Be prepared to sing. A lot.

This is a new concept in voice training courses, an entire weekend created on the spot specifically for you and your challenges. 

STOP PRESS: Just THREE places left

We work with performers every day. We'll be expecting you to sing and experiment with your voice throughout the course, so if you need persuasion to sing in front of others, this is NOT the course for you.

We coach leading singers. If you're afraid to find out what's holding you back from better singing, better performing or a better career, this is NOT the course for you.

We work with integrity to help you work with integrity. If you don't know your own mind and you can't tell bull from butter, this is NOT the course for you.

Gillyanne and Jeremy will spend the first afternoon finding out what you need, then the rest of the weekend will help you discover how to achieve your goals, your most powerful performing and your personal singing styles in this intensive weekend. Every performer has different problems, and on this Retreat we expect you to bring your vocal and performing challenges. Find out more about your own voice use, your own vocal patterns, your niche, and how to improve them.

The next Performer's Retreat will be July 19th-21st 2019 and we only take 5 people in total, so you need to book your place now.

The Performer's Retreat can include any of the following:


You are looking for more ideas about what YOUR version of the song might be. You don't want to do it like everyone else, and the person on the recording doesn't have your voice!
On this Retreat you'll discover ways of accessing your personal twist on the song, and get the confidence to sing it "your way".


One of the most contentious topics for singers of all musical styles - how much technique should you have, and will it get in the way of my music?
If you know what you want with the song, but your voice won't obey you, that's when you need to know what to do, how to do it and when to do it. That's technique. We will help you discover what you do and don't know about how your voice works, and how to get it to do what you want.


You might be a skilled singer, but perhaps you can't find your way into the song. Listeners might say "what a lovely voice" but you want to tell the story or find the powerful emotions of a song or a character.
You'll find ways on this course to express yourself more honestly and openly, and give deeper, more meaningful performances.


You might have a very good idea of what you'd like to sing, but does it suit you? Does your voice match your energy, your physique and your "look"? And is your singing getting you the jobs?
On this Retreat you'll understand how you appear and sound to people and whether that works for you or not. You'll get repertoire suggestions and guidance on where and how to find pieces that might suit you better, and you'll begin to identify your special areas of insight as a performer.


It might suit you to sing the same style for the rest of your life, but what are you missing? Singing is about the balance between sound, words and emotions. Different style, different balance.
Uncover different musical styles that suit you and give yourself more scope for employment.


This is the course to bring your particular issues - whatever you think is holding you back from being more successful. We will help you tackle whatever is standing in your way. That might be a bit challenging - but this is a safe environment in which to explore your confidence, your image and your sound.


There's a lot more happening on this course, but we can't tell you what it is because we're going to create it specifically for you after you arrive.
We are able to offer this unique "bespoke" Retreat because we're only accepting 5 people, and we've set aside time to work with you on your specific issues. We have more than 70 years of problem solving and career guidance at our fingertips, and we'll both be on hand to clarify your own vocal practice, and answer your burning questions.


Dr Gillyanne KayesJeremy FisherWe are Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher. We're internationally renowned trainers with more than 70 years of performing knowledge between us. We've worked in many music genres and have appeared as soloists ourselves on the concert platform, theatre stage, in cabaret and in the recording studio.
Authors of nine books on singing and performing, and creators of numerous bestselling vocal training products, we've given masterclasses across Europe, the Middle East and the US, and were Masterteachers for Australia and New Zealand. Our new bestselling book, This is a Voice, was commissioned by the Wellcome Trust, and our app, The One Minute Voice WarmUp, just hit the top 3 Apple paid apps list and number 1 on Google Play. Jeremy's new ebook, How To Sing Legato, hit number 1 on the Amazon Kindle stores on three continents. 

With decades of experience working in and teaching different music genres and performing situations, and as CPD accredited coaches, we're experts at finding the best in each performer.

We run the Retreat over a single weekend, starting at 1.30pm on Friday 19th July and finishing at 4.30pm on Sunday 21st July. The Performer's Retreat will take place in Presteigne, so there should be no interruptions and no "family challenges", just peace, focus and good food.

The cost for the Performer's Retreat is £647.00 which includes refreshments, and lunch on all three days. Recommended local accommodation is available from just £30 per night. We can send you details of travel and accommodation, we can meet certain trains at Leominster, and parking spaces are available if you want to drive.

HouseLawnSmallHouseRiverSmallThe Performer's Retreat takes place in the peaceful town of Presteigne on the Welsh border (see pictures). Presteigne was recently voted one of the top ten small towns for quality of life in the UK by the Daily Telegraph. Our tranquil garden has a river running through it, and our quiet house gives exactly the right atmosphere for concentrated learning and relaxation.

We use local produce including organic food hand-picked for us from the farm three miles away, local prize-winning cheeses, stunning bread from local Artisan Baker Alex Gooch, voted Radio 4 Food and Farming Producer of the year, and delicious gluten/wheat/dairy-free cakes made by Jeremy (that get many comments on social media!).

The next Performer's Retreat will be 19th-21st July 2019, and there are only THREE places left, so add this Retreat to your shopping cart now before all the places go.

To your success,
Jeremy Fisher and Gillyanne Kayes
Vocal Process

P.S. This is the only Performer's course we're planning in 2019, and we advertise to thousands of people. Make sure you book your place straight away - our Training Retreats sell out fast!

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