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The Voice Improvement Download Package
The Voice Improvement Download Package

The Voice Improvement Download Package

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STOP PRESS: The Voice Improvement Package is now available in our new Vocal Process Learning Lounge. 15 years of CPD resources (including all our Webinars) available instantly for less than the price of one singing lesson 

The Voice Improvement Package

The 5 Minute Warmup for your voice AND the Improving Your Voice Webinar

Do you use your voice for more than 5 hours a day?

Does your job rely on your communication skills?

Do you have any training to care for your voice?

With this downloadable vocal resource pack, you can care for and improve your speaking voice every day...


For the first time we've put together two of our top resources for spoken voice to create this downloadable Voice Improvement package.

The package includes the downloadable MP3 version of the 5 Minute Vocal Warmup CD.

Seven tracks that teach the Four Core Skills we devised for the Microsoft Headquarters UK trainers, who give lectures and presentations around the world. You can click here to read more about the original CD version (opens in a new window).

The package also includes access to our online training Webinar - "Pitch, Pace and Power". This hour-long streaming Webinar gives you the voice science, the pictures and the techniques behind increasing the range, dynamics and interest in your speaking voice. You can click here to read more about the Webinar (opens in a new window).

If you use your voice to present, teach, lecture and inform, either in public or on the telephone, for more than 5 hours a day, you're a professional voice user! For an easy way to understand how to build stamina, speak more effectively and get the most out of your speaking voice in just 5 minutes a day, add this package to your cart now. Wherever you are in the world, you'll be able to access these resources as soon as your order has been accepted.

To your continued vocal health
Jeremy and Gillyanne

PS Once you've listened to the Four Core Skills and watched the Webinar, you can just run the 5 Minute Vocal Warmup Routine before you get to work, or in your lunch break for optimum vocal health.

PPS And don't forget the bonus track - the 10 Second Voice Check. Whenever you're about to speak in public or to an important client on the telephone, use the 10 Second Voice Check to discover how efficient your voice is - it's the exercise that Jeremy and Gillyanne use themselves all the time!

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