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Webinar 17 Troubleshooting Vocal Problems 2 - RANGE
Range for singers - online training from Vocal Process

Webinar 17 Troubleshooting Vocal Problems 2 - RANGE

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Webinar 17: Troubleshooting Vocal Problems 2 - RANGE!
Tips, techniques and solutions for each vocal challenge

Our 2014/5 Survey of singers and singing teachers showed that the number two concern you want us to troubleshoot is range for singers.

In this 70 minute online training video
two of the UK's leading singing trainers and vocal troubleshooters, Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher, share exactly which techniques they use to solve specific range problems. And you can access the information and techniques immediately from the comfort of your own armchair
"Very clear and specific. Endorsed what I have been saying to my students for several years. Gave me the backup of scientific evidence and your extensive experience" Tina, NZ
Discover how they
  • Added notes to the top of one singer's range (an extra sixth in one lesson)
  • Balanced a belter's middle range to connect to her stratospheric notes
  • Helped a tenor find a secure high C (that's 8-shows-a-week-secure)

Find out what happens when your student believes something about their vocal range that doesn't fit their voice

Understand why keeping everything "the same" as you go up and down WON'T work (and exactly what you need to change to make it happen)

The Webinar Replay also includes:
  • Why your speaking voice ISN'T an indicator of your singing range
  • The problem you might hit if you take chest voice up high (and it isn't losing your top notes!)
  • Three different range measurements that make more sense than "bottom note - top note"
  • How pitch is made and why we can change it
  • The essential difference between pitch and resonance
  • FIVE areas to consider when troubleshooting range problems

And we finish with solutions to four of your most pressing range problems:
  1. adolescent voice range
  2. baroque singing
  3. high chest voice
  4. top notes for young baritones
(and there's more than one solution to each problem)

So, if you want to find out more about improving and increasing your vocal range, and polish your vocal troubleshooting skills, add this Webinar to your shopping cart now and stay ahead of the game

It's the best thing for your voice you can do in your pajamas!

How it works
If you've not joined us for a Vocal Process Webinar before, it's just two simple steps:

Step 1: The Webinar Handout:
As soon as your Webinar order goes through, you’ll get an email with confirmation of your purchase. The email contains a link to your Webinar handout that is time-limited. Make sure you click on the link straight away to download and save your PDF Handout.

Step 2: The streaming video: Once you've downloaded the PDF Handout, open it and click on the link on the first page. The streaming video of the Webinar will appear in a new internet browser window. Click on the video to play or pause, and hover your mouse over the screen to see the chapter menu. It's that simple.

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