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Webinar 3 What's in a Warmup
Webinar 3 What's in a Warmup

Webinar 3 What's in a Warmup

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STOP PRESS: Webinar 3 is now available in our new Vocal Process Learning Lounge. 15 years of CPD resources (including all our Webinars) available instantly for less than the price of one singing lesson 

Webinar 3: What's In A Warmup: The why, what and how of warming up your voice, your brain and your body for singing and speaking

  • Have you ever thought what a vocal warmup actually does?
  • What should it include?
  • Should you change it or keep it the same?
  • How long should it be?

We are Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher, and we have more than 50 years' experience creating targeted warmups for professional, high-level singers, choirs and theatre companies.

We share our own warmup specifics for voice, breath, body, brain and articulators.

Brilliant Helpful Inspiring

Just to say thank you so much for a really informative, focussed, effective, and efficient webinar experience. Can we put that in a song! I really thought it was excellent and it made me so want to attend one of your workshops in person!  Helen, New Zealand

What we cover:

  • What a warmup is and what it does (or should do)

  • Why a warmup ISN’T an exercise

  • Three different types of warmup

  • Six different areas of the voice that need warming up

  • Why a company warmup is completely different to a group warmup

  • Warming up young voices

  • The rules of warming up adolescent voices (particularly boys)

  • A personal case history from Gillyanne with her client’s complete vocal warmup described (not just the what, but the why)

With exercises, techniques and live demonstrations for:

getting good vocal fold vibration

practising breath coordination

finding musical and lyric patterns for engaging the brain

working the range and crossing gear changes

finding better resonance

releasing jaw tension

getting clearer consonants

And so much more

Your purchase price includes our extensive Handout of techniques, hints and tips, and full access to the streaming Webinar video. You can pause, rewind and repeat the online video as many times as you like for the perfect learning experience.

As soon as your Webinar order goes through, you’ll get an email with confirmation of your purchase. We'll send you the PDF Handout directly to your email inbox in a time-limited link. Make sure you download it to your hard drive straight away.

Watch this webinar and find out if your warmup REALLY works for your voice, or if you've just been wasting your time!

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