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Twang The Techniques

Twang The Techniques

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Need to speak in public but can't be heard?

Looking for a more commercial singing sound?

More volume & consistency across your range?


This DVD shows you how to find and use twang to project, change and brighten your speaking and singing voice SAFELY and without straining

In 21 minutes or less!

Gillyanne Kayes, Methuen bestselling author and voice researcher, and Jeremy Fisher, international vocal trainer and performance coach, take you step by step through clear, effective techniques. Based on the chapter Twang in Gillyanne's groundbreaking book Singing and the Actor.

Controlling the "twanging" muscles helps us with good projection for speaking and singing. But twanging can be done healthily or unhealthily...


  • Cover for the Twang! The Techniques DVD from Vocal Processwhy we need twang and when to use it
  • the number one mistake people make when they learn twang, and why it could be bad for your voice
  • why you need to start with the "little cat"
  • six different key sounds to copy and compare
  • why the position of your larynx is important for easy twanging, and how to control it
  • the No. 1 MISTAKE people make when they hear twang, and how you can check for it
  • how to brighten your twang without pushing
  • keeping the twang when you change note
  • moving from a twang sound into words
  • the science behind the sound
  • what the word means and where it comes from

"If you really want to know about the inner workings of the human voice, you need to turn to the work of Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher" (OPERA NOW magazine)

Images, animation, video footage and audio all help to explain the process to healthy twang,

Singing and the Actor, the bestselling book on singing technique by Gillyanne Kayes, voted "my favourite book on singing technique" by Jeanette Nelson, Head of Voice at the National TheatreThe DVD is packed with tips for teaching the techniques to your own students and clients. With film footage from the Singing and the Actor Training intensive, visuals, animation, example audio and instructions for you to see, hear and feel, and demonstrations in different male and female voices.

This DVD footage was devised by Gillyanne and Jeremy for actors, singers, teachers, presenters, voice teachers, SLTs and speech pathologists wanting to learn precise, safe, effective techniques for vocal improvement in singing and speaking.

The techniques on this DVD are based on exercises in chapter 9 of the Methuen bestseller Singing and the Actor by Gillyanne (voted "My favourite book on singing technique" by Jeanette Nelson, Head of Voice at the National Theatre in London). All the information you need to master these techniques in on this DVD, but if you already have a copy of Gillyanne's book, you can find the chapter about Twang starting on page 110 of both editions.

The DVD is divided into Chapter headings and is incredibly easy to navigate, either with your computer mouse or on television using your DVD remote handset.

Chapter headings

  1. Overview
  2. What is Twang?
  3. When you use it
  4. Where it's made
  5. Twang Pre-requisite
  6. Finding your twang
  7. Changing pitch
  8. Changing vowels
  9. Changing words
  10. A word about nasality

We've tested the DVD on a number of different machines including PC, laptop, Mac tower and DVD player... the footage will play on your computer or standalone DVD player and can be played full-screen. Each chapter can be stopped and rewound, so if you want to go over something several times, you can!


To help you embed the techniques, and to give you a greater understanding of what's going on "in there"...


Bonus 1 - The Practice Group
GroupTwang! Gillyanne takes individual singers and actors through the process of learning to twang safelyWe're including an insight into Gillyanne's personal teaching methods. In this 'behind the scenes' extra footage from the Singing and the Actor Training intensive, Gillyanne takes several actors and singers individually through the techniques of twanging. Listen out for problem areas (tongue position, vocal folds overworking, crossing the female gear changes) and witness how Gillyanne corrects and simplifies the process of twanging. Gillyanne gives advice, techniques and suggestions for each person to help find their brightest, cleanest, easiest twang setup. By listening to each person practising their twang, and copying the sounds that they make, you can discover the most comfortable and easiest twang for you.

Bonus 2 - Finding Twang
One of the images from the Bonus track Finding Twang, created by Gillyanne Kayes especially for this Twang! The Techniques DVDWe've included six of the tracks from Gillyanne's companion Singing and the Actor Audio Guide CD on finding and maintaining Twang. All the exercises are demonstrated by actors Jenni and Jon, and Gillyanne has recorded a new audio-visual presentation especially for this DVD on exactly how to use the tracks.

Listen to each track and practise it in the way Gillyanne describes for the perfect experience of the Singing and the Actor work.

Six tracks from the Singing and the Actor Audio Guide CD:

  • Thin folds
  • Tightening the twanger
  • Twanging
  • Twanging with all vowels
  • Nasal to oral twang
  • Steps to twang

That's an extra 24 minutes of bonus footage!

Our mission is to bring you clear, precise and effective information and techniques to improve your vocalising, performing and teaching

If you need projection, brightness and forward tone in your voice, add this DVD to your cart now

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