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Gifting the Learning Lounge
Gifting the Learning Lounge

Gifting the Learning Lounge

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Give the gift of knowledge

One month's access to the spectacular Vocal Process Learning Lounge that you can gift

This idea came from one of our current Learning Lounge members. She loves being in the Lounge and understands the value of knowledge; she wanted to give a gift to her singing teacher friend, so she asked us to create a "Gifting the Learning Lounge" special coupon. This is it.

If you don't already know about the Learning Lounge, it's packed with over 500 videos, downloads and resources on top-level voice training. We've been creating best-selling voice training resources for over 15 years. And this year we put them all together in one place for you to learn from.

"Totally inspirational and an absolute must. It takes your teaching to a different level". Kimberly Holden

This special coupon will allow you to send a gift of a month's access (worth £39.96) to your best friend, special student or trusted colleague. They get confidence from discovering an incredible bank of knowledge from two of the leading voice trainers around, and you get an amazing feeling of satisfaction from helping your friends grow. It has everything Vocal Process has created since 2005! And Learning Lounge members can access everything instantly.

The Learning Lounge contains:

  • The (never before released) How Your Voice Works video, created for London's Science Museum with stunning stroboscopy footage of a voice singing over a two-octave range
  • Mastering Musical Theatre - almost 5 hours of masterclass and workshop covering the absolute must-knows of training and teaching Musical Theatre
  • Best Practice Update - a 5-hour workshop on the latest techniques and voice science understanding
  • Professional Development Webinars - 18 of them! Covering topics from vocal diagnosis through changing style, breathing and range troubleshooting, taking chest voice higher, fine-tuning head voice and so many more
  • Our complete range of voice training DVDs including the 5-times sold-out Belting Explained double DVD which itself contains 10 different techniques for safe and happy belting
  • Our endoscopy and stroboscopy videos
  • Lesson plans for speaking and singing voice
  • The Five-Minute Vocal Warmup CD, created for speaking voice after our contracts coaching the staff in presentation skills at Microsoft's UK Headquarters
  • The long-deleted Singing and the Actor CD to accompany Gillyanne's groundbreaking book from 2000 (yes, we really do mean everything including the deleted stuff)
  • And we're still updating and adding to the content - we've just added the 2-hour presentation on vocal health with Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist Carrie Garrett, "My Singer Has A Voice Problem"
  • And so much more, the list is too big to include
"It's like taking the 'garden' of vocal knowledge that's been stuffed into our heads over the years, digging out the weeds, getting rid of the dead wood, pruning the good stuff, planting lots of healthy seedlings and finally having the confidence to lay out clear, easy to follow pathways". Alison Benz

Here's how it works:

Add the Gifting the Learning Lounge item to your shopping cart and you will receive a certificate with a unique code. Send that code to your friend/student/colleague, or just put their address in and let us send it to them directly.
They can use your gift any time up to the end of May 2022 by going to this link and adding their unique code to get one month's access completely free.

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