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The SOVT Workshop
The SOVT Workshop

The SOVT Workshop

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The SOVT Workshop

A practical training event from Vocal Process

Sunday 28th February 2021, 10:00-12:00 

Straw phonation is hugely popular, but does size matter? And should it be in or out of water?

SOVT (semi occluded vocal tract) exercises have been used by singing and voice teachers for decades. We know that they work, but we don't always know why. Our guest tutor Oren Boder has looked into the science behind SOVT and especially straw phonation. Understanding the why of SOVT will help you answer the important questions of which straw for which singer, when you should use water and what effect it has, and what changing the diameter or length of the straw does for voicing. Like Vocal Process, Oren is known for making science user-friendly and understandable so we're looking forward to his contribution in the workshop

As always we'll be making things practical - working in small groups to explore specific exercises and their effects so that you know which exercises work best for your students' voices. 

You will need:

  • Straws of different widths and lengths. Suggested widths are 10, 7 or 6, and 5 or 4mm, and if you can find a 3mm straw for comparison bring that along. Length can be adjusted with a pair of scissors during the workshop.  Alternatively you can use Oren's variable resistance SOVT Singing Straw
  • A bottle of water (we suggest 500ml, or a glass of water will also do). 
  • A balloon that you can blow up

Please please avoid using plastic straws! It is easy to buy bamboo, paper and biodegradable straws. If you need help sourcing these then post a message on Vocalprocess Facebook and we'll suggest sources.

Join us in gaining practical tools and insights into using SOVT exercises in your singing and teaching - there is no other workshop quite like this.

Venue: Online

Date: Sunday 28th February 2021

Time: 10.00 - 12.00 

Price: £75.00
Early Booking £65.00 (book before January 28th)

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