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Teaching Other Genders
Teaching Other Genders

Teaching Other Genders

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Teaching Other Genders

A Vocal Process Popup event

*JUST ONE PLACE LEFT* March 26th 2021 at 10am 

Teachers and choir leaders frequently tell us that they are not confident in teaching other gender

Common Questions

  • What is the best way to demonstrate when working with another gender?
  • How does the male singer access 'head voice'?
  • What is the different between 'head', chest and falsetto in a male voice and how do I treat the gear change?
  • Why is the gear change so low in female voice and how do I work with that?
  • Can I use my falsetto to help my female singers find their 'head voice'?
  • How do I get a better sound quality out of my basses/tenors in the choir?
  • Why are my altos making such a weak sound?
  • What can I do to help my sopranos stay on those top notes without getting tired?
  • How do I help my trans singers?
If these questions resonate with you, you will enjoy this Popup Workshop. We will discuss the important physiological differences between biological male and female voices. We'll discover best ways of working with range, resonance and 'support' and show you how to demonstrate effectively. If you are working with trans and non-binary singers, you will also find this workshop useful in helping them to navigate their voice to produce the sound they wish to make.

Venue: Online

Date: Friday 26th March

Time: 10.00 - 12.00 

Price: £75.00. 

Just one place left - book now!

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