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Why do I need a vocal coach? Stories, tips and hacks from the studio of a voice expert
Why do I need a vocal coach? Stories, tips and hacks from the studio of a voice expert

Why do I need a vocal coach? Stories, tips and hacks from the studio of a voice expert

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Why do I need a vocal coach? - signed by the author

Stories, tips and hacks from the studio of a voice expert

GoodbyEU - we're selling off our stock of signed books now, before the export/import duties kick in after Brexit. Sad but true, these will be the last signed copies we'll sell on this website. 

UPDATE: We are now SOLD OUT - you can get a copy of this book from Amazon or any good bookseller. Thank you to everyone who bought a book through our website!

Ever wondered how great singers in musicals and opera get (and keep) the job?

They have a vocal coach.

Expert vocal coach Jeremy Fisher lifts the lid on what goes on in a voice studio. The book is packed with real-life examples of singers and singing lessons, stories of auditions for musical theatre and opera, and voiceover training.

"Every performer should have this printed and annotated at the back of their rep folder! It’s funny, full of insightful information and absolutely worth reading!" Connagh Tonkinson, MD, vocal coach, arranger

This Amazon #1 bestselling book is PACKED!

  • ideas and exercises for opera singers, for musical theatre singers and for singer-pianists
  • step-by-step advice on the singing audition (the cattle call, the first audition, the recall system)
  • how to choose repertoire to fit your voice and personality
  • how to deal with the accompanist
  • which warmup exercises to avoid
  • 60 "House" songs for men
  • 60 "House" songs for women
  • advice on choosing a pop or comedy song
  • exercises for learning AND memorizing (and why they're different)
  • how to get the best diction in a patter song
  • making top notes easier
  • belting the money note
  • and so much more

"This book contains powerful principles of successful auditioning concisely stated in a fun and approachable way. I wish that this book had been in my library when I was learning my way around the stage!" Marlayna Maynard, classical soprano

Jeremy Fisher also shares his own stories of auditioning, working in the West End on Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera, and tells you what they don't teach you at college about going on tour.

With comedy moments, quizzes and 97 opera titles that went wrong, there's something for everyone interested in "backstage".

If you're a budding West End star, a Broadway legend, or a Covent Garden diva, you'll LOVE the case histories and descriptions of actual lessons from Jeremy's studio.

"This book is brilliant! Jam-packed with wit and wisdom. I felt it was really personal, honest and open. A fantastic practical yet entertaining toolkit for voice practitioners everywhere - THE book to have on your shelf if you’re coaching in 2020." Carrie Garrett SLT, singer, voice rehabilitation coach

If you're a vocal coach yourself you'll pick up quantities of ideas, tips and techniques to coach your singers.

"If this book had been available to me as a graduate it would have saved a world of heartache" Sophie Scott, communications and voice coach

And if you're not a singer yourself but you want to find out how they do it, Jeremy shares moment-by-moment stories of over FORTY lessons with singers from the classical world, musical theatre, cabaret and contemporary commercial music studios.

"Right from the start I was in the room with Jeremy, a fly on the wall at one of his sessions. The style is anecdotal and conversational, with just the right balance of serious advice and humour, so true to how Jeremy presents in person. Heartfelt, genuine and inspiring" Jess Liversidge, singer and singing leader

Distilling almost 40 years of coaching singers and performers, Jeremy shows you how to coach performers to bring out their best performance, to find their best voice and to inspire their highest creativity.


PS You can get the Audiobook of Jeremy reading his own words on here

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